Apple iPhone

2 Iphones, all packaged ready for pick up.
Ben brought a couple back from his overseas trip and Carly and I decided we both wanted one (I wanted one REAL badly and Carly needed a new phone). We picked them up, connected to our respective macs, ran the 1.1.4 update and ziPhone “Do it All” to unlock them. Once done, we installed the various apps etc. ┬áIt is just too easy, and the phone itself is just too cool. The browser is the best browser I have used on a device smaller than a laptop, and I have been using handheld / palm pc’s since my HP Jornada 680e back in 1999. That was terrible on the net using my old Ericsson T28 with Infrared modem. It is also a million times better than my Jasjam which was a terrible phone.