Time to update The Aurion.

With the lease on our 2010 Toyota Aurion AT-X drawing to an end, it wsa time to order a new car. Over the years, having a sweet deal on leasing Toyota’s and turning them over often (6-9 months) has meant we have had a few Toyotas. 2 Corolla’s, a Starlet, another Corolla, Echo, 2 x Camry Sportivo’s, then an Aurion SportivoSX6, Rav4 Cruiser, Aurion AT-X x 3 and a couple of ‘loaner’ Camry’s whilst the lease car was in the ‘shop’

We were happy with the Aurion. Its a comfortable car for driving to work, around town. Its big enough for 5 people and economical to drive (was pulling 7.6l / 100 when we had the consumption guage in the SX6). Since we upgraded the second car from the 2001 Corolla to the Rav4 ZR6, the extra power and comfort was no longer required and the lease car’s duties changed slightly.

Upon inspection of the current list, there isn’t much left in the way of ‘fun’. Initially we looked at the Corolla Range although with the import price increase, we could get a Camry for similar money thats a tad bigger and a little more practical. Although, I do miss the Corolla Sportivo. Toyota really do need to get back in the Hot Hatches and a high Kw, AWD Corolla Hatch would be a addition to the lineup would be awesome.

The Camry range have 9 models to choose from, 2 being the newer Hybrid. It would be nice, but i don’t think we have access to these on the lease. We have a Grande as a loaner whilst the last AT-X was in getting the petrol cap repainted, and I must say it was a nice rig. The pop up sun shade, whilst being useless, gave the James Bond feeling when cruising down the highway.

We settled on the Ateva, whilst missing the sun shade, leather, sat nav and sunroof, it keeps the much needed climate control, cruise and rear camera to make things easier when driving around town.

Although, at $46k, an FJ Cruiser was tempting but I would have taken a Hot Hatch Corolla if Toyota would hurry up and bring back the similar spec, Toyota Corolla Sportivo of the past, possibly turbing it under the TRD banner.