We’re doing miles…

Its been about 3-4 months Since the Honda FT500 lived again, was registered at Vicroads under the Club Permit scheme. The Bikes done about a thousend kms and the only issue to date (touch wood) was the internals of the speedo self destructing. This wasn’t a big issue as I use a Magellan GPS which I have permenantly mounted to the speedo and wired directly (through a FUSE!) to the battery.

Since the earlier post I have fitted a pair of Metzeler tyres, purchased, fitted and balanced by Pablos’, who I can’t recommend enough. They did a fantastic job and the prices were on par with importing a set directly from the US and who can be bothered both waiting and the hassle to then get the tyres fitted.

I have also installed a new Cam, Cam chain, Gear Selector Rubber, head gasket, front andrear sprokets (both stock gearing) new Olink 530 chain, new oil and oil filter and a set of valves from the US. Peter Stevens supplies most of my new parts and most are again cheaper and easier than importanting from a lot of the overseas sites such as thumperstuff.com and Davidsilverspares.co.uk.