Fuel storage on the bike – Rotopax

I won’t lie. The FT500 has terrible consumption. After doing about 3-4 decent long rides I have realised the fuel consumption is woeful. Something I need to address.

After hitting the reserve a few times, I decided to carry some fuel. I had the option of strapping a 5 Litre plastic fuel can on the pack rack. Its big enough to get a fairly decent range. Instead I 0pted to use my 1 litre MSR fuel bottle and the second 375ml Fuel bottle. Not a lot of fuel but enough to ‘get me out of trouble’ Securing these to the bike was a pain. I tied them on with a length of Paracord then duct taped them to the pack rack to secure them. Not elegant but functional.

Chatting to a mate about carry fuel on the bike showed how a lot of people don’t know about the fantastic invention and product, Rotopax.

These 1 & 3 gallon fuel cans are secured to the bike using a simple mounting system. Available in a series of colours to cover all fuel types, water and even a storage version for holding important items such as a first aid kit.

I think its time to order a pair of Fuel Rotopac and a water & storage pack for the back of the FT.