Canon 1D Mark III Settings

Custom Functions:
C.Fn I-1 Exposure Level increments = 0 1/3 stop Compensation
C.Fn I-2 ISO speed setting increments = 0 1/3 stop
C.Fn I-3 Set ISO speed range = disable.
C.Fn I-4 AE/WB bracketing auto cancel = 0 On
C.Fn I-5 Bracketing sequence = 0
C.Fn I-6 Number of bracketed shots = 0
C.Fn I-7 Spot metering link to AF point = 1 Enable (use active AF point)
C.Fn I-8 Safety shift = 0 Disable – I almost always shoot in Manual mode so this function isn’t relevant.
C.Fn I-9 Select usable shooting modes = disable
C.Fn I-10 Select usable metering modes = disable
C.Fn I-11 Exposure mode in manual exposure = 0
C.Fn I-12 Set shutter speed range = disable
C.Fn I-13 Set aperture value range = disable
C.Fn I-14 Apply shooting/metering mode = disable I haven’t set up any Registered shooting modes yet
C.Fn I-15 Flash synch speed in Av mode = 0

C.Fn II-1 Long exposure noise reduction = 1 Auto – may be useful and there are no penalties for having this set.
C.Fn II-2 High ISO speed noise reduction = 0 Penalties too great if set to on
C.Fn II-3 Highlight tone priority = 1 Enable – greater dynamic range possible
C.Fn II-4 E-TTL II flash metering = 0 Evaluative flash metering
C.Fn II-5 Shutter curtain synch = 0
C.Fn II-6 Flash firing = 0
C.Fn II-7 Viewfinder info. during exposure = 0
C.Fn II-8 LCD panel illumination during bulb = 0
C.Fn II-9 INFO button when shooting = 1 Displays shooting data

C.Fn III-1 USM lens electronic MF = 0
C.Fn III-2 AI Servo tracking sensitivity = 0 Default setting (for the moment)
C.Fn III-3 AI Servo 1st/2nd image priority = 0 AF priority/Tracking priority
C.Fn III-4 AI Servo AF tracking method = 1 Continuous AF tracking priority – note that this function only works if you are using Automatic Point Selection (’ring of fire’) or if you have set AF point expansion (C Fn III-8) around a manually selected focus point.
C.Fn III-5 Lens drive when AF impossible = 0 Focus search on
C.Fn III-6 Lens AF stop button function = 4 One shot/AI Servo switch
C.Fn III-7 AF Microadjustment = 0
C.Fn III-8 AF expansion with selected point = 2 Enable surrounding Assist AF points
C.Fn III-9 Selectable AF point = 0 19 points – I want to be able to use any AF pt
C.Fn III-10 Switch to registered AF point = 1 Enable – I want to be able to switch backwards and forwards instantly between the centre AF point and Automatic point selection
C.Fn III-11 AF point auto selection = 2 Enable AF selection with both command dials for (slightly) better AF point navigation.
C.Fn III-12 AF point display during focus = 0 On
C.Fn III-13 AF point brightness = 0 Not much difference between settings
C.Fn III-14 AF-assist beam firing = 0 Enable
C.Fn III-15 Mirror lockup = 0 Disable
C.Fn III-16 Continuous shooting speed = Disable
C.Fn III-17 Limit continuous shot count = Disable

C.Fn IV-1 Shutter button/AF-ON button = 3 Exposure locked at first press of shutter button; AF on rear AF-On button – but note that I have moved this function to the <*> button using CFn IV-2.1 below.
C.Fn IV-2 AF-On/AE Lock button switch = 1 Use <*> button for AF instead of AF-On button
C.Fn IV-3 Quick Control Dial in metering = 0 Exposure compensation/Aperture
C.Fn IV-4 SET button when shooting = 0 Normal (disabled)
C.Fn IV-5 Tv/Av setting for Manual exposure = 0
C.Fn IV-6 Dial direction during Tv/Av = 0
C.Fn IV-7 Av setting without lens = 1 Enable – useful for synchorizing setting in manual mode if you are using two bodies for example
C.Fn IV-8 WB + media/image size setting = 0
C.Fn IV-9 Recording button function = 0
C.Fn IV-10 Btton function when QC dial = 0
C.Fn IV-11 Focusing Screens = 1 I like to use the Ec-D Grid focusing screen
C.Fn IV-12 Timer length for timer = Disable (Default)
C.Fn IV-13 Shortened release time lag = 0
C.Fn IV-14 Add aspect ratio information = 0
C.Fn IV-15 Add original decision data = 0
C.Fn IV-16 Live view exposure simulation = 1 Enabled