Product Review – Eye-fi Pro X2 Wireless SD Card 8GB.

When I got my new (to me) camera, Canon 1D MKIII (I love this CAMERA!!!) I decided I needed a new SD Card as the only ones I had were 2GB Sandisk Extreme III’s from 5 years ago. I was looking at a 8gb card and these Eyefi’s caught my eye a year or so ago but never worked in the 20D i had as it was Compact Flash.

It took about 20mins to setup. You plug the card in the computer (mac in my case) load the software, connect the card to my home Wireless Network and tell it things, like i wanted it to transfer photos via Direct Mode etc.

I then plugged the card in my 1D and set it to shoot to both cards (Raw to compact Flash,and Large JPG to the SD. I installed the Eye-fi App on my iPad and fired it up. I took a test shot. Nothing.. few mre goes.. nothing. I then went to the wireless settings and realised I had to point the Wireless of the iPad to the Wireless of the Eyefi card had created. Once that was done I went back into the Eyefi app and bingo… the dialogue box was happily downloading EVERY photo i had taken from the Camera’s SD. Neat.

it takes about 2-3 seconds from the shutter click to seeing the photo on the iPad, so nothing breathtaking about the speed.

During a Wedding last Saturday, a few people thought it was cool that as I was taking photos, they were downloading to my iPhone. From there I could email them to people or upload to Flickr / Facebook etc.. Kind of neat.

They are $135, so not a cheap card. Only place i have seen them here in AU is

I must say the 580EX III is a lot more handy than the cheap Chinese YongNuo Flashes I bought 2 years ago (I got 3 x 460 Manual Flashes and wireless trigger set)

I am loving the 1DMKIII. Its a BIG step up form the 20D… coupled with the 24-105 as an everyday lens, Its ripper. I am still blown away by the shots from the 135L lens.

Anyways.. Eye-fi – kind of cool to wireless send photos from the camera to an iPad / iPhone / Computer without paying $1000 for t he Canon Wireless Transmitter or shooting Tethered via USB to a laptop (which i use my Dell Mini hackintoshed to run OSX to do)

There is a ‘app’ recommended on the iPad called ‘ShutterSnitch’ to receive the Eye-fi photos, although, for the price of $54.99… Its Damn Expensive Vs the FREE eye-fi software which seems to work ok.

Now to start saving for some light stands, soft boxes etc to strobe some Car photos for my next ‘project’. I still have my eye on a 17 TSE lens too I need to work harder.

oh.. This was the most expensive model, there is a cheaper version only 4GB and one that doesn’t send videos / raw files, only jpg. I bought the Pro because, well.. i wanted the Best as I had worked hard