Pumpkin Soup

Cut up some Pumpkin (I use half a Kent/Jap or Butternut) and chuck it in a pot.

Add a chopped up potato (or 2) to the pot.

Finely slice an onion and whack that in too.

Options: I have put in roasted Red (peeled) capsicum / carrots / sweet potato with great results.

chuck in a 1/2 teaspoon of Keens Curry Powder and cover with water and bring to the boil then simmer until all the potato / pumpkin becomes very soft. I then turn it off and leave it to sit. Place the veg in a blender and blend until smooth adding enough liquid to get the consistency required. Season to taste. Serve with a dash of sourcream or Riccotta cheese 🙂


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Steve’s Butter Chicken

Mix some Tandoori psate with a little yoghurt in a bowl. Cover it with pieces of chicken (mixture of Breast and Thigh) and leave for a few hours.

Brown the chicken in a hot pan then place the pieces in an oven and bake for about 30 mins until cooked.

Whilst the chicken is cooking fry some ground cumin seeds, coriander seeds and turmeric in a fry pan. add some onions and garlic in  fry pan until the onion is soft then add a few tins of tomatos, a tin of tomato soup. Return the chicken to the pan from the oven and cook through the sauce. Just prior to serving stir through a bottle of fresh cream.




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Little Creek Beef – Bulk high quality meat delivered around Melbourne

Its been a few years now, but I haven’t bought any Lamb of Beef from anywhere else other than Little Creek Cattle Co (Little Creek Beef).

Not only is the meat of a fantastic quality its also priced very very well. At only $9.99 per kg for a side of beef, which is roughly 60 kgs. It can be a little daunting at first to get such a large volume of meat, but when divided up with a few friends, family or neighbours, its a very attractive and cheap way to buy meat.

We have for the last 4 orders had divided our bounty up 5 ways. which fills just over 2 drawers in our upright freezer full of meat.  Upon delivery, we are always stuck for choice on what to eat first. Whislt the tasty 30mm thick eye fillets are a premium steak, the flavoured sausages are to die for. Roasts are perfect on a cold winters day, as well as diced beef for beautiful stews and casseroles as well as slow cooked curry. If you have thought of getting quality meat, talk to Little Creek, its well worth it and you won’t regret it.

Don’t forget to tell Craig Steve sent you 😉

Bulk Meat

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Soak a corned silverside for 30 mins in fresh water – repeat a couple of times (i usually defrost in a pot of cold water overnight)

Cover the silverside with water, add a cup of vinegar (Malt, White, Cider or Balsamic all vary the flavour, try a different one each time)

add 1/2 cup of sugar (I prefer Brown for extra flavour)

add a half a dozen peppercorns

add a few bay leaves

add 3 roughly chopped carrot

add a chopped onion

add a few sticks of celery chopped

add a tablespoon of Keens Mustard powder

simmer for a few hours or cook in a slow cooker.

Enjoy with mashed potato, peas and Mustard Sauce.


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Steak Casserole

Diced Beef
1 Can tomato Soup
Surprise Peas n Corn
2 Carrots, Diced
1 Onion, Finely Chopped
Few mixed Herbs
Salt and Pepper to Season
Plain Flour 
 Dust the beef in plain flour and lightly fry until sealed. toss into Casserole Dish
Lightly fry the onion until transparent. add to beef.Throw in extra ingredients, stir and cook on a low oven (180Degrees Celsius) for 2 hours. Enjoy with Mash Potato. 


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Buying bulk beef and lamb direct from Yarra Valley, Victoria

I have been wanting to buy some bulk meat (whole or 1/2 animal) from a farm / cattle company for a while to help cut out the middle man and being sick of the rubbish meat from the supermarkets. Some searching and googling I tracked down the Little Creek Cattle Company.  It promised to be excellent, 60kgs (or 30 if your freezer space is limited) of Beef at $9.99 and $10.99 respectively. Lamb 13kg’s ish @ $10.99 a kg. Looked good. The meat is all butchered and individually wrapped and labeled and the best bit, delivery is FREE! Order in advance as the meat takes a few weeks, Craig is friendly and helpful. I most certainly will be getting all my Beef and Lamb from the Little Creek Cattle co. from now on! Meat Supplied:porterhouse and eye fillet 1.552kg
thick porterhouse 3.574
rump 3.892
scotch fillet 2.896
topside roast 6.845
round steak 2.442 ( i have cut into thin strips for stir fry)
stewing steak 3.140 diced
bolar roast 2.412
silverside 5.072
oyster blade 0.934
gravy beef 4.106
skirt steak 0.870 (mum loves this and took the lot!)
mixed snags 7.685
Mince 14kg
Couple bags of dog bones.


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