Little Creek Beef – Bulk high quality meat delivered around Melbourne

Its been a few years now, but I haven’t bought any Lamb of Beef from anywhere else other than Little Creek Cattle Co (Little Creek Beef).

Not only is the meat of a fantastic quality its also priced very very well. At only $9.99 per kg for a side of beef, which is roughly 60 kgs. It can be a little daunting at first to get such a large volume of meat, but when divided up with a few friends, family or neighbours, its a very attractive and cheap way to buy meat.

We have for the last 4 orders had divided our bounty up 5 ways. which fills just over 2 drawers in our upright freezer full of meat.  Upon delivery, we are always stuck for choice on what to eat first. Whislt the tasty 30mm thick eye fillets are a premium steak, the flavoured sausages are to die for. Roasts are perfect on a cold winters day, as well as diced beef for beautiful stews and casseroles as well as slow cooked curry. If you have thought of getting quality meat, talk to Little Creek, its well worth it and you won’t regret it.

Don’t forget to tell Craig Steve sent you 😉