A picture tells a thousand words.

RC, one of Kelby Media’s Photoshop guys and presenters on the DTown TV, PhotoshopUserTV and Grid Live shared a video story of a photograph he had called , ‘Proof’. The photo on its own isn’t magical, but combined with the story it really tells an inspirational tale of what a photo means. I urge you to go and watch the 6 1/2 minute video. Its well worth it. You should also check out AboutRC’s blog and follow him on twitter, he is a great guy.


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A cracking deal on Wine!


Its not often I spruik of the joys of a company or service, but…

I was recently looking on the web and stumbled on crackawines.com.au. I watched the deals roll by day after day and decided to take the plunge and test the service on what has to be a safe bet, New Zealand Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc wine!

The wine in question was a Honeymoon Bay and the auction was starting around $7.85 a bottle which was reasonable. Well I won my case and with the $25 discount for signing up, for around $80 I had a dozen bottles delivered 2 days later.

With any cheap wine, the value for money doesn’t come when you have tasted the wares. I am no wine buff but agree it’s a reasonable drop and cheap at $7.85. Its as good as any mainstream Sav Blanc from the region.


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Sliming OSX Snow Leopard

This is a post to self. As I plan to trim the fresh install of my OSX Snow Leopard on my Dell Mini 9.

Apps to trashing AppZapper:

DVD player
System, Library, Speech, Speech Voices, and remove all of the folders there except Fred
Utilities: Midi stuff, Bootcamp, obdc, raid, color management


Oh…  and languages…. and Printer Drivers


http://www,mydellmini/forum/ is a great resource though.


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Lego Inventory and Brick Sales

I recently dug out the Massive box of Lego from my Youth. Whilst its depressing to see the ‘heavily played with’ state of a lot of the bricks, it does bring a flood of memories back of my childhood. I have started sorting the bricks in an attempt to rebuild all my old sets. Carting lego around the world and many moves has meant quite a few bricks are missing and replacements are needed. Instructions at also long gone. The task was made easiy by producing an inventory on the BrickLink site and then linking directly into the Brick Sales to purchased the missing parts.

World of Bricks produces a lot of Instructions, particularly sorted by year.


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FlilterStorm Pro

Filterstorm Pro make a fantastic Ipad / iPhone for editing Photos directly ont he iPhone / iPad.

Having many ways to get photos on to the iPad when on holiday / in the field, namely Shuttersnitch + eyefi card, On One Softwares DSLR Remote or simply directly copying them using the Apples Camera Connection Kit. Most of the simple photo editing features are available.


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On One Software – DSLR Camera Remote

Want to setup your Camera on a tripod and control it manually but from a distance. Well you need a DSLR, Small Laptop, USB cable and a n iPhone or iPad with On One Softwares DSLR Remote. Recently onsale for a massive 75% of and only $5.99 it was a bargain that couldn’t be missed.


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I often find cool Ipad / iPhone apps and think, I must buy that. Then I forget the name. Shuttersnitch when coupled with a wireless transmitting SDCard  from Eye-Fi means most Digital Camera’s can wirelessly shoot photos and send the result directly to my iPhone or iPad for viewing. Which helps as photos look much better on the iPad than the tiny little screen on the camera.


As with most people, if only they made a Compact Flash version 🙁 Or I could afford


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Check the Fuel Tap!

When going on a ride, after suiting up with all the right Safety gear, set the choke and firing up the FT, it pays to check the fuel tap. Otherwise you get a couple of streets from home before the beast stops, for no reason. Sure it ‘may’ be disguised as stalling from being cold and the idle set low and that constant cranking will see the battery flat. Its also very difficult to push start a bike on a wet road. After pushing the bike home, stripping off of the gear and then running 10 minutes late to a meeting, you realise you had turned the fual tap off on the last ride and forgot to turn it on 🙁 Stupid 🙁 1 day of the permit down for about 500 metres of riding.


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Ralph – The Movie

Many years ago, whilst working for Creative Factory, Vince, the Passionate guy who sat in the opposite side of the room to myself, and had a whole heap of cool kit (mixing desk, high end pc, multiple super fast SCSI drives) was working on a Movie. We got invited to the Premiere, in Carlton. The movie was quite cool. Funny at times, and worth woatching for a decent locally made Aussie Comedy. It was on the same night, directly after watching Ralph, I saw what has become one of my all time greatest movies. Chopper. Chopper was also premiering that night with an interview with the Director and Vince Collosimo. It was a great night.

I recently found that Ralph has been sliced up and placed on Youtube. So enjoy it.



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Fuel storage on the bike – Rotopax

I won’t lie. The FT500 has terrible consumption. After doing about 3-4 decent long rides I have realised the fuel consumption is woeful. Something I need to address.

After hitting the reserve a few times, I decided to carry some fuel. I had the option of strapping a 5 Litre plastic fuel can on the pack rack. Its big enough to get a fairly decent range. Instead I 0pted to use my 1 litre MSR fuel bottle and the second 375ml Fuel bottle. Not a lot of fuel but enough to ‘get me out of trouble’ Securing these to the bike was a pain. I tied them on with a length of Paracord then duct taped them to the pack rack to secure them. Not elegant but functional.

Chatting to a mate about carry fuel on the bike showed how a lot of people don’t know about the fantastic invention and product, Rotopax.

These 1 & 3 gallon fuel cans are secured to the bike using a simple mounting system. Available in a series of colours to cover all fuel types, water and even a storage version for holding important items such as a first aid kit.

I think its time to order a pair of Fuel Rotopac and a water & storage pack for the back of the FT.


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